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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why exercise is GOOD?

There are reasons why exercise is good.
When we exercise, our body will have enough
oxygen which is very crucial for our
nutrients transportation. And also our blood
circulation is good.

With the enough supply of oxygen in our body,
the cancer cells will be inactive. That's
why cancer cells and oxygen are enemies. Haha..

What is the symptom of people with lack of
oxygen? Sleepy even after enough sleep..
Always yawning.. ^_^.. So if you have the
symptom, you must do someting to increase
your oxygen intake. ^_^

So now we know why exercise is important.
It is not just because we can make our body
slim and fit. So for those who did not
exercise always, please change the lifestyle
from now.. This could save our life and bring
us away from the chronic diseases that I
mentioned before...

But please take note that the location of our
exercise places also determine our health condition.
The result of our exercise will different if we
exercise at industrial area and at village area..
Of course it is better if we exercise at village
are because of the flora.. ^_^

After this I will talk about rest or sleep.. ^_^


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