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Friday, July 18, 2008

These 6 BAD factors! Made us become what we are TODAY!

As we see these 6 factors, they are all around us.
We cannot run away from them. How can you run
away from air? ^_^. How can you be free from
stress when there are many things that keep you
worry, for examples our work, family,girlfriend,
boyfriend etc..

How can you when you want to exercise but you
have a lot of works at your workplace? And when you
want to exercise after returning from work but you
are too tired to make it happen. Then you go to
clean yourself, eat and rest in front of TV and fall
asleep. Even in your dream, also you are imagining
all the problems, all the works, all the conflicts
of your day to day life. That makes you cannot sleep
well and that will lead to lack of sleep or rest.

I do not need to talk much about the foods that we
consumed everyday. Due to our busy life style and
luxury life, we tend to forget what is the importance
of balancing the food that we take. We simply eat any
kind of foods as long as it satisfy our desire. And
when we do not have enough money, we tend to eat
anything as long as it is cheap and satisfy our hunger.
Some time (or many times ^_^) we eat instant or fast
food which is not really good for our body.

Honestly I write all these through my own experiences
and my observations of the people around me. This
scenarios happen anywhere nowadays, and there are no
exceptions. Thanks to our technologies that brought
these side effects to us. Because of this, we need to
have smart plan about how to survive this new type of
life in which long time ago, nobody need to worry about it.

Because of this life style I manage to get my own
migraine and allergy at the age of 18! Luckily I found
this MRT concept which save me from the two diseases.
This is the concept that I want to share to you all
which I am one of the living prove about the effectiveness
of this concept.

After this, I will explain about the understanding of
the 3 steps to fulfill the needs of our cells which will
recover our body's ability to heal itself.

Timben ^^

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