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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

H1N1 vs Strong Antibody

Don't you feel weird why do people nowadays easily infected by diseases?
Recent news is about H1N1 or also known as Swine Flu that can cause death.
This type of flu comes from pig. It may be that this flu existed since the
old days. Then why now it attacked human? Do they changed their mind and
decide to attack us?

Well from my point of view, it is us actually that having problems. And I
mean it is inner problems. We never check our body's condition. People
nowadays become more and more intelligent but the irony is that we are
getting WEAKER! That is why diseases that is not able to attack us before
this to obtain their opportunity.

It's like a castle's gate that has become rusty. For enemies that are
always waiting outside the gate to attack, instead of using cannon to blast
the door, they only need few units to push using bare hands.
(This is my imagination to express our scenarios)

So what should we do to improve our condition right now?
The best solution is to increase the strength of our immune system.
Simply by giving each of our 60 Trillion cells stuffs that they
Where to get it? Can we get it from the supermarket?
I don't think so. Our food supply nowadays are covered with commercial
greed. Do you understand it? I mean, they are stuffed with all the
artificials to make them looks nice, taste nice, affordable, etc..
BUT? Do they provide our body's needs? In our dream...

Sorry to say, TODAY, supplement is the only way..
Taking supplement is the same as decide to live healthy.
Not taking is the same as deciding to live in sickness.

Supplement VS Medicine

Never will be on the same side.
If you are looking for food, choose the right side option.
If you are looking for pain killer (which may lose its effect later
and forcing you to increase doses), choose the left side option.


Honestly, I am suggesting you. I repeat, you who right now that
are lucky enough to be able to read this post to take MRT concept
products. This is the only way for us to get back our body's inner
strength to fight diseases.
Do you think I took those supplement? Of course I do. That is why
I am so confident that I wrote myself this post so that you can
at least have some hope. The light is at this direction.
Just follow it.

Feel free to contact me for more details.