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Friday, September 28, 2012

Life without kidney

Good day my friend.

In this blog today, I would like to imagine, a life without kidney.
What do you think will happen to us?
In order to have deep understanding about this situation, we need
to know the function of our kidney.

Below are functions of our kidney:
a) Filter our blood to remove wastes.
b) Producing hormones for body functions.
c) Help balance our body pH.

So, without kidney, our body will not be able to do the 3 functions
above. Then we need to know, what is the impact to us?

These are the impacts that I understand:
a) Our body become toxin tank. We will not be able to remove
them out from our body. It will cause us to feel unhealthy.
b) Some of our body system will malfunctions.
c) A lot of sickness will attack our body.

Even if we only got infected by fever disease we already feel
bad. What more if we experience worst disease than that.

I saw people who need to receive hemodialysis treatment. They
cannot drink water more than 500mL a day. Can you imagine that?
Your friend ask you for a drink and you can only watch them
drink. Your friend invite you to play sports, you cannot join them
because if you do sport, you will tend to drink more.

Do you want a life like that?
If you are born healthy and due to your life style your kidney got
damaged, it's a total loss for me.

So, take care of your body specifically your kidney for better life.



Saturday, September 22, 2012

If you can still stand and walk..

Are you healthy?

What is the absolute definition of healthy?