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Thursday, July 10, 2008

DANGER!! Water polution!

70% of our body consist of water.
So what we drink will determine our health.
As we know, nowadays our water is not
as clean as it was long time ago.

Nowadays our water was polluted by contaminants
such as microorganisme, toxic waste, rubbish,
animal's waste products, pesticide and many more.

So we must make sure the water that we use everyday
is filtered properly. Do you know what is the most
proven water filteration that exist nowadays?

Take your time to think... ^_^

Ok. Times up...

It is R.O technology. R.O stands for Reverse Osmosis.
It's a tehcnology that can filter water and make it
99.99% pure.. I know a R.O filteration product that is
very good. It can filter the water until 0.0001 micron
size. I will tell later when I finish this MRT sharing.

Remember.. We must UNDERSTAND the concept before using
any product.. ^_^

Next post will be about STRESS!! Arghhhh!! :)


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