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Friday, July 11, 2008

Die Because of Stress!?

Stress can kill you!!
Do you believe it can?
Yes it does but it will happen slowly..

When you in state of stress, your
enzymes production will not be done
properly. As we know, enzymes were
needed to help the reaction that is
always happening in our body.

For example the conversion of food into
energy will need reactions to be happening.
Enzymes will help to make these reaction
to be complete. If the enzymes production
are disturbed due to stress, then the reactions
in our body also will be disturbed. This will
lead us to unhealthiness..

So now we know why stress can kill.. Not just
by knowing that stress can kill, we must also
know why it can threaten our life.

Next will be about EXERCISE! Fuh Fuh! :)


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