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Monday, September 21, 2009

You know.. but.. Did you act accordingly?

Most of the people nowadays are smart people. They are the "I.T." people. Knowledge is on the tip of their fingers. They know that health is important. Learn about vitamins and minerals. Have informations about many type of diseases. Memorize the symptoms. Know that they should do this, avoid that, eat this more or less.
What I can conclude is that they are a "Genius". Mr "know everything".

But do you think that just by knowing "things" you can be healthy? People today active inside their minds but lack of "action". Have you heard the letters NATO?
For me it's "No Action, Talk Only". That is what my friend told me. In different perspective of life, I am thinking that it is the truth about people behind it.

When you know that you should take more vitamin-C because it is the key of having smooth skin (important especially for females) but do you know which are the best ways of obtaining it? I don't think so. That's why at last rich and famous people take short cut of going to do surgery and "botox" themselves. It's because they don't have the right informations. They only have the "money" (which in that case, no use at all).

At our time now, taking oranges is not the best way anymore. There are many ways the oranges you took could cause you more dangers compare when you not consuming it. We need supplement. From trusted source. PH7 vitamin-C is the most suitable supplement for our consumption. If you can find it yourself, then go for it. If I am in the position of helping you to grab it, just let me know. I won't let you down.



Monday, September 7, 2009

Where did our blood resembles?
Why do sea creatures have longer life span?
Why do the grand-children of whale have the same smooth skin as the
grand-father whale?

It's all lies in the foundings of Rene Quiton of Franch.

Which now, ELKEN is promoting this life saving products "KINGTON"
based on this founding.

You can watch lots more from youtube about this.
Lucky this product found me through ELKEN.

Thanks God. ^_^



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Migrain?!! .... Almost.. Fuhh...

Today I went back from activities at night. While driving
home, I feel the symptom of having migrain (I know because
I experienced it before long time ago though). I knew it is
because of my busy day. I also knew that when this happen,
I will have a painful headache as soon as I lay on my bed.

The cause is because my brain does not have adequate supply
of oxygen. My view got this blinking things all around and
causing me hard to see the road and read texts from books
or mobile phone.

From now I am typing this post is about 3 hours before. Now
I feel great and healthy. No need to experience the headache.

So what did I do?

I supply my brain with nutrients and oxygens.
I do not have any machine or magic to do that. I just got it
through my mouth in natural way without drugs (paracetamol).

I took Elken ARO oxygen (mix with RO water) and 10 tablets of
Spirulina. Wallaa!! I'm back to normal!

Glad to have them.. ^^

Do you have the same problem? What did you do? Most people will
depends on drugs.. Don't get yourself in THAT statistics.

Join me.. and your life will be healthier and free from drugs.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I cannot avoid it!

Life is busy.
Especially if you are working for yourself.
I mean, not working under people. As for
starting, need to do extra works in
order to establish the system.

In that process of working, I really cannot
escape the problem of not enough rest. My
body feel so tired and I feel weaker.
Really thanks a lot to my supplement from
MRT concept, it helps me reduce the effects
of all the hard work. It reduce a LOT!
It helps me to have energy to carry all the
jobs in the process..

Thanks a lot to those who introduced me to this
concept and products.

Now I need to sleep. Just stop by a while in
front of this computer screen to share my feelings.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

You may be not in the mood to be healthy... But...

Maybe you think that healthy is not for you.
Even in that case, you should give chance for
others who wants to be healthy by telling them
the information you know that can bring them to
better health. At least they can say "Thank You"
to you right? :)

How to make it clear... Let say, you found this
blog and decide not to be in the "Healthy" category,
then you should spread the existence of this blog
to whoever you think that wants to get health.

Who knows, your luck can save them. Some more if
they are your love ones. And maybe by watching them
getting healthier and happier will open your
mind towards a healthy living.

That's all for now..

See ya..



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Phycocyanin vs H1N1

I never heard about this term before.
But recently I read news from my local
newspaper talk about it.

It says that Spirulina have this
Phycocyanin that can help our body to
boost in defense system in order to avoid
being infected with H1N1 virus.

Do you know what it means?
Free from fear. Live peacefully.
H1N1 become no big deal.
(Well, it is a big deal for those who
do not have defense system.. ^^)

Together with this post I include scanned
copy of the local newspaper reports. I'm sorry
for it is in Bahasa Malaysia. I already told you
in this post about the main point of the report.

Think about it, whether you want to save your
money or life.. I give it to you to choose.

"We can bring horse to the river but we cannot
force it to drink the water."



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More and more H1N1..

This virus is really annoying.
Now it already reached my neighbourhood.
One by one school is closed due to infected
students and teachers.

What can we do?

Do we need to stay at home praying this
virus won't find us?

Are you sure you can run from them?

I don't think so...

Do you ever think of why is that not all
the people from the infected area get this
H1N1 problem?

How can they live normally while the others
are staying in their house frightened and some
stay at the hospital crying for their lives
to be save?

It is all going back to their defense system
also known as immune system. If the body immune
system is strong, do you think that these H1N1
virus can easily attack them?
The answer is absolutely NO!

That is why this viruses attack only those with

Do you think that it is a miracle that the people
who are not infected got their STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM?
The answer is also NO!

Everybody is given the same body immune system. The
different is on how each of us take care of it.
Do you feed them with proper food?
Did you ever try to at least avoid taking something
that can harm our immune system?

If the answer is NO, then you should be afraid of the

If the answer is YES, then live life normally.

As for me, eventhough my neighbourhood is in the
statistic, I still live normally thanks to my
MRT products. My Spirulina, My Ester-C, My EPA.

What about you?
Living in fear or not?

Give your body what it needs then it will protect you
from any disease.



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lack of Nutrients

Nowadays people are scared of the fact that cancer is just sitting at the next door from where they are. We actually do not know when will it come to us. Some do blame that the usage of mobile phone and anything related to radiation to dangerous wave. But the main problem is actually comes from our diet. Our body did not get the nutrients that it should get. This lead our body to have more and more damaged cells which actually turned into cancer cells.

Do you know that our body actually have cancer cells but in minimum ammount when compared to the other cells. So in this case we do not get any harm from those cancer cells. But what happen when we do not provide adequate nutrients to our body?
Cancer cells will increase and after reaching certain level, we will be diagnosed as having cancer. The name of the cancer will depends on which part of our body are infected. If it attacks our colon, then it will be named "Colon Cancer" etc..
Just for our information, "Colon cancer is predicted to be number killer in these modern days among the developed country. It's all because of our diet.

So, do you still blaming your handphone if you get cancer? Read this post and re-think about it.

"The Institute of Medicine recommended for the first time in 1997 and 1998 that people take supplements"



Thursday, May 7, 2009


As you can see, this is the organism which has the ability to kill us.
Too small to fight with your guns. Our only hope is to strengthen our body
because we know that our body have the natural fighters inside that are able
to fight this small creatures.


Our fate is not just in God's hand. It's also in our grasp of action.
What you do today will determine what will happen to you in the future.
Let's consider that.



Healthy Mind

Do you ever heard about sick people that healed because of healthy mind?
I bet you did (at least from this post.. :))

Well, it actually relates to our hormones in our body.
Do you know that when our mind is in peace, our hormones are working well?
In that case, we can see that peace of mind helps in order to maintain

That is why we hear that stress can kill. Whenever you are in stress,
our hormones are in bad condition which will lead to uncomfortable feeling
and continue on providing us with sickness (things that we would like to

So what can we do to help our mind in peace?
First of all, please give some time for you to relax from your stressful
work place. I mean give some time for you to do what you enjoy most. Something
that can make you forget all your troubles.
For me, playing games could make me forget my problem at least for a while.
Some people prefer sports. And it may be that you prefer sitting in front of TV
while eating your favourite foods. Whatever it is, we will come to the same
destination which is to ease our mind. To release our mind from working over

Next thing that we must ensure is to give our body what it needs. Provide ourselves with proper diet which is crucial without our knowing. Maybe it is because lack of exposure to this kind of information. Regarding this matter, MRT concept is a best way to provide all our cells need in order to work properly.

To know and to do are both important to get desired result.
Now you already know. What about your action?



Wednesday, April 29, 2009

H1N1 vs Strong Antibody

Don't you feel weird why do people nowadays easily infected by diseases?
Recent news is about H1N1 or also known as Swine Flu that can cause death.
This type of flu comes from pig. It may be that this flu existed since the
old days. Then why now it attacked human? Do they changed their mind and
decide to attack us?

Well from my point of view, it is us actually that having problems. And I
mean it is inner problems. We never check our body's condition. People
nowadays become more and more intelligent but the irony is that we are
getting WEAKER! That is why diseases that is not able to attack us before
this to obtain their opportunity.

It's like a castle's gate that has become rusty. For enemies that are
always waiting outside the gate to attack, instead of using cannon to blast
the door, they only need few units to push using bare hands.
(This is my imagination to express our scenarios)

So what should we do to improve our condition right now?
The best solution is to increase the strength of our immune system.
Simply by giving each of our 60 Trillion cells stuffs that they
Where to get it? Can we get it from the supermarket?
I don't think so. Our food supply nowadays are covered with commercial
greed. Do you understand it? I mean, they are stuffed with all the
artificials to make them looks nice, taste nice, affordable, etc..
BUT? Do they provide our body's needs? In our dream...

Sorry to say, TODAY, supplement is the only way..
Taking supplement is the same as decide to live healthy.
Not taking is the same as deciding to live in sickness.

Supplement VS Medicine

Never will be on the same side.
If you are looking for food, choose the right side option.
If you are looking for pain killer (which may lose its effect later
and forcing you to increase doses), choose the left side option.


Honestly, I am suggesting you. I repeat, you who right now that
are lucky enough to be able to read this post to take MRT concept
products. This is the only way for us to get back our body's inner
strength to fight diseases.
Do you think I took those supplement? Of course I do. That is why
I am so confident that I wrote myself this post so that you can
at least have some hope. The light is at this direction.
Just follow it.

Feel free to contact me for more details.




Monday, March 9, 2009

You Cannot Download Panadol from the internet!!

I found this page at yahoo answer where this woman (or man) is asking where she (or he) can download panadol. People start to answer in many ways and it is very funny to read them.

Actually it is reality that you cannot download medicine from this digital world. The only way to get healthy with the help of internet is by searching for informations regarding health.

In this blog, I would like to put as many informations as I can to help people all around the world to achieve health. Unfortunately, the concept is only ONE and I cannot say anything else. It is known as MRT concept. Bear in mind that our body is the best DOCTOR and our job is only to give what it wants.

The most essential elements that our Body > System > Organs > Tissue > Cell need are:

1. Nutrients
2. Clean Oxygen
3. Clean Water

Is that hard to get?
Of course NO! but it is only DURING THE OLD 20th CENTURIES..

Come on man, we are in the 21st centuries where "clean air" almost impossible to get. When it comes to food, all that we can think of is "must be delicious". People nowadays tend to take their daily diet for granted. Some people says that "we eat just to fill our stomach". As long as they do not feel hungry then it is find.

These are only few of the problems that we are facing. Even people so called "Medical Doctor" are also trapped inside this way of living. I don't mean to intimidate readers here but I am just bringing us all to the state of realizing things around us. The answers to "Why nowadays even young people suffering from diseases that only for old people long time ago?" is lying in front of our eyes but we cannot see them because of all the "modern world" distractions and temptations.

If you are reading this, I would like to say thank you as I know that HEALTH IS IMPORTANT to you as for me also.



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Journey

I want to start a journey regarding health. I hope I can help create world where people live happily without sickness until it's time for them to leave this world. This MRT concept that I am babling about is really telling us what is the basic requirements of our body. Listen to our body and we can achieve what is known to us as healthy life.

24 hours is the time that everybody in this world have in 1 day. For that I know that I won't be able to do this good news spreading alone. I really hope that readers of this blog can help me to explain to their network about the importance of understanding MRT.

To spread something is to know something. In order to know about that "something", we need to learn and feed informations. I will regularly pour out in this blog any recent informations that I got or other people tell me. I am sure that to visit this blog as a habit will not waste your time.

After acquiring informations and knowledge, then can we start to spread this good news. Nowadays we need to work for money. But then, we normally will neglect our own health moreover don't have time to know about others health. In this journey, we will together having income and work to take care of our own health and others as well. The more people become healthy, the more we can assure our comfortable living.

This is all I want to say for now.

Meet you all for sharing about health and how together we can form a group to spread about. I am sure this is the right way to do charity. Is by teaching people how to take care of their own health and their love ones.



Monday, January 12, 2009


Sorry guys for being out for so long.
It's been 2 months since my last post.
Miss you all my dearest reader.
I really want to continue share info with
you all.

Oh ya.. I want to say Happy New Year to all.
Be happy don't worry..

Later sharing process will be continued..
Please do not give up on my blog ya.. :)

Eventhough it is 2009, health is still
wealth and even true.