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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh my Oxygen... ^_^

Hi there, last time I mentioned about Balance Nutrition
intake. This time I will discuss about how important
oxygen to us. Maybe we know that oxygen is needed for us
to breath. But we only know that and take oxygen for
granted. Here I will tell you what is the role of oxygen
to our body. And for your information, our body cannot
get sufficient oxygen just by breathing normally.

Oxygen is needed by our body to transport nutrients to
every part of our body. So we can imagine oxygen as bus and
the nutrients as the passengers. If there are no busses, how
can the passengers that rely for busses to get to their
destination? When nutrients transportation is in problems,
it will cause negative effects to the body.

So what happen if there are lack of oxygen in our body?
We will always feel sleepy eventhough we have enough sleep.
The sign for that is always yawning. Sometimes we will feel
dizzy easily. This will affect our concentration in doing
something thus making us uncreative in our work and

I want to share to you one important fact about the
importance of having enough supply of oxygen in our body.
We tend to avoid having active cancer cells in our body
if we have enough supply of oxygen in our body. Take note
that each and everyone of us have cancer cells in our body.
It just that the cancer cells are not active yet. For those
who have cancer bloodlines or family history with cancer
disease, they should be more careful as their probablity
of activating their cancer cells are high. One thing
about this enough supply of oxygen is, the oxygen will
become distractions for the cancer cells growth. So now
we already know that cancer cells cannot live in body
that have enough oxygen. That is the importance of having
enough oxygen in our body. So we must do something about it.
The natural way to obtain enough in our body is by
exercising frequently. But for those having a lot of works
until do not have enough time to do exercise, I have the
solution for them that I will mention in the "action" post
afterwards. This method has helped me to recover from my
migrain and I believe in this method which you also will
be like me soon after this. Until then, let us meet again
in the next post. ^_^

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