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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What make us sick?

Before this I said about Chronic disease right?
All the diseases were the one that caused by our habit
and our environment. It's not because of virus or other

Today we will see what make us sick?
Do you ever wonder why people long time ago less get ill?
Why now we easily get sick?
Why people long time ago can live longer?
What are the source of this problem?

Sometimes we asked questions without knowing that the
answers is all around us.. We just do not open our
eyes to see the answers.

So the question now is what make us sick?

There are 6 factors:

1. Air polution
2. Water polution
3. Stress
4. Lack of exercise
5. Lack of rest
6. Unbalanced diet

I am sure we all know about this problem. The problem
to this problem is that we did not even bother about it.
We try to live happily with these BAD factors.
We can try to do that but these factors is not as good
as us. They are the reason why we become what we be today.
Because of these 6 factors, everyday poison/toxic enter
our body bit by bit. If we do not do something about it,
the toxic will kill us. Trust me!

We will go to see the factors that contribute to our
unhealtiness. After that then I will go to how we can
save ourselves from the grasp of these bad factors.
As we know, we cannot runaway from the factors but
there are ways to fight it.

In the next post, I will explain in details about each of
the 6 factors so we can see the price we have to pay for
the modernization of our world.

See ya, ^_^


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