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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hypertension and healthy life style; the best enemy ever.

Good day everyone.

How are you today? Fine? That's nice to know. If you are not okay, then we are on the same boat *smile*. What happen when we are not healthy? Especially when having problem of getting hypertension in our life. We will feel uncomfortable. Everyday I wake up in the morning feel pain in my back head. To think it positively, becoming unhealthy will tend to drive us unto the thought of having healthy life style to counter the health problem.

What can we do? Consume less cholesterol and exercise more. Sleep adequately. That are the things that I do now in my daily activities.

So, for those who are still not in that "sickness region", You can choose either one between hypertension and healhy life style.

If you choose to be sick. Continue on eating unhealthy food and don't exercise.

If you choose to be healthy. You still can enjoy the delicious earth food but in a controlled amount. Do activities that can be categorized as exercise to remove toxin via sweat.

But I suggest for you, be healthy and the world will look more beautiful through your eyes.