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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ok now let us learn about our body.
As we know, our body are made of
organs. Do you know how many organs
in our body? The answer is about 90 organs.
And 5 of the organs are detoxification organs.
These 5 organs are:

1. Skin
2. Lung
3. Liver
4. Stomach
5. Kidney

These 5 organs are needed for cleaning our 
body from toxic.

These organs are made of tisues and this tisues
are made of cells.

So in MRT we are focusing on cells. How many cells
are in our body? Average is 60 trillion.

60 trillion = 60 000 000 000 000

Logically if we know how to make these 60 trillion cells
healthy, we will be healthy. But first we must know the
condition these cells can be. There are only 2 condition,
whether it is sick or it is healthy.

Sorry to say that we all are SICK.

I will continue later about why I said we all now are SICK..

See ya... ^_^


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