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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Invest on your Health is the first thing to do..

Without HEALTH, there will be no happiness.
Without HEALTH, wealth brings no meaning.
Without HEALTH, calmness is far away.

Think about it carefully what is the
meaning of life without HEALTH..

I may talk simple but it is a very serious
matter. Now if we still can be happy, we
still can enjoy, we still can walk n talk,
we tend to take HEALTH lightly.

But please think about the future..
My father passed away because of lack
of HEALTH awareness when I am 15 years old.

I do not want others to be like me lost
my father at a young age. So I want
everybody start to make this MRT concept
a things to be understand and APPLIED.



Monday, August 4, 2008

Detox it all away..

Hi all,

Sorry coz late updating my blog.
I am working part time recently.
So when I get back to my room, I
feel so tired. Now I can write something
to update this blog..

So I will continue to the 3rd step.
It is about detoxification:

So what is detoxification?
Well it's about healing your body by
rejecting the toxic out from your precious
body. So which part of our body that I am
gonna focus about in this topic? It is our
intestine. The reason I choose it was
because it is our critical body part. It
is the organ that digest and absorb
nutrients from the food that we take and
to be send to all over our body.

Now let us talk a little bit about our
intestine. Do you know how long is our

Take a while to think....................


Our intestine is about 6 times our height.
So LONG!! So how it is placed inside our
stomach? By compressing it! So how is the
condition of our intestine? We can see the
picture below:

So what happen when our intestine in that
condition? The foods that we consumed will not
all rejected from our body. Some will be left
inside our intestine and trapped at the inner
surface of the intestine. We call this as
"stubborn waste". This stuffs inside you will
be the source of inner poison. It will become
poison that will be absorb by your own intestine
that will be send to all over your body.
We call this as SELF POISONING.

That's why World Health Organization said
that Colon Cancer will be number one KILLER in
the modern country in this 21st century. We
must be aware of this matter. We all are in the
risk area. Nobody is excluded.

So that's why detoxification is very important
for us to reducing the "stubborn waste" inside
our intestine. Why can't I say "reject all"?
Because everyday, new batch of "stubborn waste"
will be added in our intestine.

So this part of action is very crucial to be
taken by everyone regardless of age.

After this I will show you how can we achieve
healthiness by doing ACTION.

I believe by now you already understand
about this MRT concept. But let me ask you
one thing. Will you be healthy just by
UNDERSTANDING this concept?

The answer will surely and definitely be NO!

So please continue to read this blog for
the ACTION part. ^_^

For those who haven't read about the MRT
concept, please do read from the start.
UNDERSTAND the concept before applying

Please do ask me if there are anything that
you don't understand about my explaination.
I will try my best to make you understand
it as it is very very important.

See you in the next post.