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Friday, October 31, 2008

Everyday practices

Today I will share to you tips about what you can do daily in order to achieve better health. You can do this free without spending any money (you can even save money by not smoking ^_^).

1. Move your body

You don't have to go exercise to move your body. You can do it while you are going from one place to another. People nowadays become lazier as technologies are getting better. With the creation of lifts, people don't want to use stairs anymore. Even going up 1 or 2 floors also they will use lifts. I recommend that you use stairs if you just going 1 or 2 floors up.

Walking is good for your health, so practice yourself to walk to your destination if it is considerable near and you have time. Please don't avoid walking just because you are lazy. Your laziness will brought trouble for you in the future.

2. Watch out what goes into your mouth

Today's foods are absolutely delicious. It's due to the existence of many kinds of persevatives and additives. I know you know that these stuffs is not good but still you continue to consume a lot of the "delicious" foods. I am not saying that you cannot eat any of them. You need to enjoy life right? I know because I am thinking the same way too. We must taste all the delicious food. All I could say is for you to control your eating habits. You cannot avoid 100% the foods but you can add more healthy foods in your diet and reducing the unhealthy foods intake. It's better for you to control the level of "enjoyment" today so you can still enjoy 30 years from now instead of "suffering" from many kind of illnesses due to your past eating mistakes.

3. Don't smoke or QUIT smoke!

Smoking gives ZERO BENEFITS. I am 100% sure about it. Still I wonder why people loves to smoke? Does the act of putting smokey stick in one's mouth is considered as noble and macho? Sorry to say but I DON'T THINK SO! (Sorry for those people who are smoking that reads this blog right now but YOU DESERVE THE CRITICSM). Some people says, "Why do you need to care about me? I don't caused any trouble to people. I bought these 'macho sticks' (cigarette) with my own money." OMG man!? Didn't you learn facts about "passive smokers"? People who didn't smoke can get the negative effects of smoking just by living near to the smokers. We (passive smokers) are too kind to scold you for your BAD HABITS but please think about others even if don't care about yourself.

If you are not a smoker, I would like to CONGRATULATE you. You are in the right path of life. Please don't get confused and got influent by smokers in your area. Even if they say that it is good or whatever trick they try to use on you, DON'T INITIATE SMOKING HABIT. Stick to your healthy lifestyles and try helping your family and friends who smoke to stop doing the bad stuff.

I don't have to talk about the negative effects of smoking because I bet you already know about it. Stay away from smoking habit and you are 1 step closer to a healthy life. ^_^



Friday, October 24, 2008

Health for you from Banana

We all know what banana is.  However, we are still taking it for granted as "just another fruit".  Do you know that banana actually helps in our health seeking journey? I had done some research about this fruit and amazed by how much benefits it provides.  I will share some for your reading today. ^_^

Banana can help you to reduce stress level.  Potassium is the reason for this.  It can help to normalize your heartbeats, make sure oxygen reaches to your brain and helps maintaining the water level in your body.

You know that smoking is bad for your health. You want to stop smoking but it is hard for you because the effect of nicotine.  Vitamin C, A1, B6, B12, potassium and magnesium contained inside banana will help you in your fight against cigarette. (If you want it, banana will help you of course but if you don't, none can help you)

Banana have the effect of neutralizing the over-acidic intestine of people with ulcers problem.  

For those who suffering from Anaemia, banana can help your body to produce hemoglobin.  If you don't have the problem and your friends got, tell them about this and go to the shops to get some and add into their daily diet. one little informations may save many lifes if there are people that is sincerely sharing the informations.

We know that High Blood Pressure problem become everyone's to worry about.  Thanks to this fruit known as Banana because it helps in reducing the posibility of acquiring this disease.  We should act on every little methods that can assure our health in good condition.

It is not wrong for me to nominate banana as one of the "genius' food".  The potassium inside it can help the consumer to be more alert thus making them becoming "super sponge" to absorb the incoming knowledge and information. If you are in the process of learning something, go and buy a basket of banana and make it a habit to eat banana while you are studying or reading. 

For those who are thinking of dieting, banana is a "must" option to take.  Eating banana is included inside my "diet tips" list.  Make it a habit to eat banana as soon as you wake up every morning.  Japan people already knew about this importance of banana to their weight loss programme. That makes banana price to increased in Japan.  Make sure to stock your own banana before the price hike. ^^.  

There are a lot more benefits that we can get by eating banana daily.  It will take pages and pages of post to exlain them.. :)
So I guess I will stop here..
I hope this can help you in your journey of finding health.
I can show to you the money, but it is you who will decide whether to do it or not.

All the best to you,



Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dive into the facts about Calcium

Calcium can be found at different places in our body.

  • 99% out of all the Calcium in our body are stored in our bones and teeth.
  • 1% were consists of:

                   (i)  Ionized Calcium that circulates to our body parts that
                          needed it.

                   (ii) Unionized Calcium that were stored inside the body
                          fluids, tissues, bloods and nerve cells.

Calcium can be obtained naturally in many kinds of foods and also supplement.

Natural source of Calcium:

  1. Milk products (Milk, Cheese, Yogurt,...)
  2. Green leafs vegetables
  3. Oysters

Foods and Drinks that is rich in Calcium:

  1. Cereals
  2. Biscuits
  3. Orange or Apple Juice
  4. Healthy Drinks such as milk and Soya drinks
  5. High fiber breads.

Other sources of Calcium:

  • Calcium supplement
  • MultiVitamin

Out of all the sources mentioned above, the easiest way to get Calcium is by taking the Calcium supplement.  Calcium supplement is created for the sole purpose of making sure the Calcium requirements of our body was fulfilled.  We do not have to worry about it because research had been done in order to give the best to the consumer's body.  

If we depend on natural food only, I am not sure if it can provide ample Calcium supply to our body.  This is due to the downgrade of the natural foods' nutrition contents that were down graded by our own technology to "mass produce" it..

In that case, spesific food for specific requirements need to be consumed.

Well, the decision is still in your hand because you are the "Boss of your own body" .. ^^
Take a wise decision is what you should do..



Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are you in the "LIST"?

  There is still posibility that you become the next victim of Osteoporosis. Usually the victim will not know they have the disease until they experienced broken bone. By then, it's already too late. So it's important to check your bone's density regularly to make sure about the condition of your bone. This checking can be done by using the "Bone Density Test" at selected clinics or pharmacies.

  The tester will check your result by reffering to the WHO T-score definitions. From this comparison, your bone conditions can be classified whether it is Normal, Osteopenia (Reduction in Bone Density) or Osteoporosis.

Prevention still the BEST OPTION

  Until today, there is still no "cure" for the so known as Osteoporosis. We know that this disease can attack anyone (provided he/she have bones ^_^). So the only way to avoid from getting this disease is by doing preventive actions. Below I will list down some of the basic things to do which can be summarize to be our "everyday habit".

Stop your bad eating habit 

Train yourself to eat in a more healthy ways. By reducing alcohol and coffee intake can also reduce the rate of bone thinning.

Exercise regularly

At least two or three times a week to exercise are crucial to make sure your bones and joints are active.

Stop Smoking!

Experts believe that by taking 1 pack cigarette per day during adulthood can reduce your bone's density between 5% to 10%.

Need to take Supplement

In nowadays world, supplement intake said to be the most confirmed method to make sure our body needs of calciums are fulfilled. This is due to our foods in this modernized world have less nutrients compared to our bodily need. Important aspect that the manufacturers look are in term of profit. How can they increase profit? It's by making the foods tastier (using additives), looks interesting (color) and last longer (preservatives). All these aspects will not provide our body what it needs. It's only gonna make our health become worst from time to time.

We must be really careful about our health because everyone only have 1 body. It's our duty since we are born to take care of "it".



Friday, October 10, 2008


   One of the main known disease that caused by the lack of calcium is Osteoporosis.

   Our bones were the places where our body keep calciums for emergency use. The level of calciums stored in our bones will decrease as we tend to continue to apply less calcium intake in our daily diet. In order to support our daily bodily needs, our body always destroy and rebuild our bone. Automatically this will lessen the calcium level in our bone. If the body continue to use the stored calciums without them getting replaced, this will result in weaker and brittle bone. This will lead to thinner, brittle and easily broken bone quality. Whenever we fall down or meeting an accident, the risk of having broken bone will be higher.

   One silent threat to all people in this world that related to the lack of calcium level is the bone thinning. This progressive  disease is known as Osteoporosis. Usually this disease will not be detected until the patient had small accident that damaged the bone or repeated bone aches. That's why calcium intake in our daily diet can reduce the risk of getting Osteoporosis.



Thursday, October 9, 2008

Diseases Related to Chronic Insufficient Calcium Intake

Daily diet with low calcium intake will result in low Calcium level in our body. The truth is that, this is the cause of bone degradation. This will initiate more chains of other chronic diseases.

Symptomps of insufficient Calcium level in our body are:

1. Tiredness
2. Chronic Fatique level
3. Numb feeling on your legs and hands
4. Muscles strain
5. Skin Ichiness

Usually we take this for granted as this is an everyday outcomes from our busy and unbalance lifestyles which can be cure just by resting. This thought was the one that cause many sufferers of osteoporosis nowadays.

After this we will going to learn about this osteoporosis disease.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Important roles of Calcium

One of the mineral that is needed by our body is calcium. It has the functions that cannot be replaced by another minerals which are:

** Crucial for healthy bone and teeth building.
** Maintain the healthy and strong conditions of teeth and bone.
** Build solid bone composition that will help in reducing and protects the bone from
     degradation effects.
** Helps muscles growth.
** Helps in impulses delivering by our nerves.
** Helps in blood clotting processes.
** Stimulate Hormones to be released.
** Activate our enzymes.
** Helps to maintain our cells' functions.

Why there are lesser Calcium intake nowadays?

There are many factors that contribute to lesser calcium intake and most of them are caused by our daily life styles.

[Bad Eating Habits]

Always follow our desire without thinking the effects of eating certain foods usually lead us to unhealthiness. There are many factors from how we handle our daily diets that affect the calcium absorption by our body. These factors will produce undissolved salt in our stomach. For example, phytic acid contains in caffeine from cofee, soft drinks and tea can give negative effects to the body's ability to absorb calcium.

[Unbalance diet]

** Excessive intake of salt can boost the rate of the calcium lost through our kidneys.
** Phosphorus is a mineral contains inside protein and carbonate drinks. Excessive
     intake of these 2 things can increase the phosphorus level in our body. This will
     lead it to be rejected from our body through our kidneys. Phosphorus and calcium
     were two minerals that is high related to each other. As the phosphorus is rejected
     from our body, the calcium will be rejected too. So this will lead to the lack of
     calcium inside our body.   



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brittle Life Frame

Our skeletal which combines our bones and joints are causing the straightness of our body and maintained our body parts at its right position. This important structure help us to stand, sit, walk, run, jump and every other movements. Without this structure, we are just a bunch of meat.

When you fell and sprain your ankle for example, you will feel the great pain and it makes you cannot walk properly. Just imagine the conditions of bones and joints inside our body when they are not properly connected or even worst, the bone is broken. That part of our body will lose the ability to move for the rest of our life.

Even if you did not fell,  there are still posibilities that our bone will gradually degrades. This natural phenomena which we cannot avoid it. It starts since we are young and become worst as we are ageing.  The source for this problem was related to Calcium.

For the first two decades of life, bone building happen with higher rate compared to the bone's degradations. Soon after that, things will happen the other way. Ionized Calcium requirements will dramatically increase as it is needed to cover the bone building and the bone's degradations. The problem is that our bone cannot generate its own calcium. So it will "borrow" calcium from its own stock. After this happen again and again, the stock will decrease. The decreases quantity of calcium in our bone will lead to higher rate of bone degradation compared to bone building. 

As for that, bone degradation is "EVERYBODY's PROBLEM" regardless of gender, age or life styles.   No one can smile and say, "Who cares. Not my problem." It's happening inside you even as you are reading this post right at this time! So something must be done about this. Jump into this "BUS of Knowledge" as we will find out how to fight this problem. =)



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are High Doses of Vitamin C Harmful to Our Health?

Vitamin C, in its various forms, is probably the least toxic substance of all supplementary. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluated all aspects of metabolisme and potential toxicity of ascorbates before adding them to theis list of "Generally Recognised As Safe" (GRAS) approved substances for oral use.

The only possible negative side-effect of regular large doses of Vitamin C is stomach and abdominal discomfort and diarrhoea. These effects are due to acidic nature of Vitamin C.

What is Win Ester-C250?

Elken's Win Ester-C250 is a unique form of Vitamin C specially produced for its far-reaching nutritional properties.


Win Ester-C250 was first developed in the early 1970s by an Arizona physician who recognised its importance to our health and well-being. It is a patented and guaranteed product that has maintained its position as the No.1 choice in US for decades.

By composition, Win Ester-C250 is a unique non-acidic combination of mineral ascorbates and all-natural Vitamin C metabolites. The Vitamin C components in Win Ester-C250 transforms in the body to produce Vitamin C metabolites, such as threonate. Whether manufactured in the body or ingested along with supplemental  Vitamin C, the metabolites enhance the concentration of Vitamin C in our cells. Thus, Win Ester-C250 with its added Vitamin C metabolites are more easily absorbed and retained by our body for the benefit of our cells and tissues.

Potency of Win Ester-C250

Every Win Ester-C250 tablet is equivalent to 100mg of ordinary Vitamin C. That means that it is 4 times as effective as 250mg of ordinary Vitamin C. Each tablet also contains 100mg bioflavanoids complex that has a protective effect on the Vitamin C component to facilitate greater absorption.

I will keep on sharing. I hope the informations can help someone who are in need of this type of supplements. For more info, please feel free to contact me. Thank you..



Saturday, October 4, 2008

Benefits of Vitamin C

Fights viral and bacterial infections

One frequent viral infections is the common cold. This infection is difficult to avoid because the virus can mutate and adapt rapidly to changing environments. At present, there is no known medicine that can destroy the cold virus, which is why recovery takes time. However, evidence from numerous studies suggests that Vitamin C can reduce the severity and length of common colds, if taken at the onset of the symptoms. If taken in large doses, Vitamin C in particular demonstrates antiviral characteristics. These characteristics makes it effective in the fight against a variety of other viral and bacterial illnesses.

Strenghtens the Immune System

Vitamin C is easily absorbed, retained and utilised by our body cells, hence it plays an important role in strenghtening our immune system. Leucocytes, a type of white blood cells which plays an important role in the immune system, contain a very high concentration of ascorbic acid. The ascorbic acid decreases at the onset of infection and returns to normal after recovery. As the Vitamin C is gradually depleted from the leucocytes, the cold symptoms become more severe.

Reduces risk of chronic Diseases

Vitamin C possesses antioxidant properties that make it effective in preventing chronic diseases. Recent studies provide strong evidence that Vitamin C can prevent and even correct age-inflicted  ravages caused by unhealthy lifestyles as well as production of free radicals caused by environmental stress, UV radiation and chemical pollution. Vitamin C acts as a scavenger, working in the watery environtment of the cells to limit the build-up of free radicals. It also helps to regenerate fat-soluble antioxidants such as Vitamin E. It can also eliminate other harmful subtances in the body before they attack the body tissue and cause deadly diseases.

Lowers Cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is an essential sterol (fat-like substance) in the cell membrane. It is present in the blood and most tissues, especially in our nerve tissues, and is important for the production of many steroid hormonesand bile salts. It is essential to our well-being but excessive cholesterol may increase the risk of deposits in our blood vessels and block the flow of blood. Therefore, consumption of Vitamin C enables the conversion of excessive cholesterol into bile acids, which are subsequently excreted from the body.



Note on RDA

For practical reasons, the RDA for any nutrient is defined as "the level of intake necessary to meet the needs of all healthy people". For example, the RDA for Vitamin C only indicates the amount required by a person to prevent scurvy. It does not reflect the body's total need of the vitamin because it omits the numerous metabolic functions that require Vitamin C. It also fails to take into account the optimal amount required for it to serve as an effective anti-oxidant.

Unlike certain animals that can synthesise Vitamin C in their own bodies, the human body does not have such ability. Therefore, the RDA may not be effective to fulfill all the bodily requirements. Moreover, a person's need for Vitamin C dramatically increase given today's heavily polluted environment or when the person is a smoker, under stress or ill. For example, sick people require 20 - 40 times more Vitamin C. In addition, other factors such as age, body size, health status and biochemical factors in the body also affect the amount of Vitamin C required.

Dr Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize Winner has, after years of research and experiences, advocated a daily intake of 1 - 3g (1000 - 3000mg) of Vitamin C for the prevention of an illness, while 8 - 10g (8000 - 10000mg) would be required to cure an existing illness. Recent mounting evidence has lent support to his claim.



Friday, October 3, 2008

Why should we take Vitamin C everyday?

Our bodies cannot manyfacture vitamin C which, being water-soluble, cannot be stored. Unused or excess Vitamin C is easily excreted from the body. In addition, it is vulnerable to heat, ultraviolet rays, certain food additives, agricultural chemicals and is oxidised if exposed to air. In fact, it is so easily destroyed that most of the Vitamin C content in our food is already lost before it reaches our table. Therefore, it is important that we replenish our supply daily to obtain optimal benefits from this wonder vitamin. Smokers, people under great stress and convalescents should also increase their Vitamin C intake.

How much Vitamin C is recommended daily?

The table below is indicative of the US Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) for Vitamin C:

Which category are you in? :)



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Facts About Vitamin C

Vitamin C is water-soluble and is found in abundance in many fresh fruits and vegetables. It is essential for the growth of healthy teeth, bones, subcutaneous tissues and cartilage.

A deficiency in Vitamin C could result in defective and weak  collagen as well as wounds that are difficult to heal. A prolonged deficiency can cause scurvy - a disease marked by debility, anaemia and edema. In severe cases of scurvy, the muscle cells sometimes fragment, resulting in mouth infections. The person starts to vomit blood and cerebral haemorrhage may result, leading to high fever, which often precedes death.

Why is Vitamin C Essential to our Health?

Vitamin C is essential for:

** The formation of healthy teeth, bones, subcutaneous tissues and cartilage.
** The maintenance of strong immune system.
** Deactivating harmful free radicals.
** Acting as an effective antioxidant.
** Preventing other chronic diseases.

Vitamin C is important for the healthy metabolism of many bodily functions and plays a more complex role in our health than was previously given credit for.