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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh my Oxygen... ^_^

Hi there, last time I mentioned about Balance Nutrition
intake. This time I will discuss about how important
oxygen to us. Maybe we know that oxygen is needed for us
to breath. But we only know that and take oxygen for
granted. Here I will tell you what is the role of oxygen
to our body. And for your information, our body cannot
get sufficient oxygen just by breathing normally.

Oxygen is needed by our body to transport nutrients to
every part of our body. So we can imagine oxygen as bus and
the nutrients as the passengers. If there are no busses, how
can the passengers that rely for busses to get to their
destination? When nutrients transportation is in problems,
it will cause negative effects to the body.

So what happen if there are lack of oxygen in our body?
We will always feel sleepy eventhough we have enough sleep.
The sign for that is always yawning. Sometimes we will feel
dizzy easily. This will affect our concentration in doing
something thus making us uncreative in our work and

I want to share to you one important fact about the
importance of having enough supply of oxygen in our body.
We tend to avoid having active cancer cells in our body
if we have enough supply of oxygen in our body. Take note
that each and everyone of us have cancer cells in our body.
It just that the cancer cells are not active yet. For those
who have cancer bloodlines or family history with cancer
disease, they should be more careful as their probablity
of activating their cancer cells are high. One thing
about this enough supply of oxygen is, the oxygen will
become distractions for the cancer cells growth. So now
we already know that cancer cells cannot live in body
that have enough oxygen. That is the importance of having
enough oxygen in our body. So we must do something about it.
The natural way to obtain enough in our body is by
exercising frequently. But for those having a lot of works
until do not have enough time to do exercise, I have the
solution for them that I will mention in the "action" post
afterwards. This method has helped me to recover from my
migrain and I believe in this method which you also will
be like me soon after this. Until then, let us meet again
in the next post. ^_^

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The start of the 3 steps!

Okay, now I will share about how can we
fight the 6 factors that I mentioned
before this. Please give your full
attention about this because it will
give you a way that can help you and
your family to prevent and even to
recover from chronic diseases such as
High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Gout,
Asthma, Migraine, Gastric, Cancer and
even more.. All these sickness is not
because of viruses but our life styles
and environment.

Now I will share about the first
step which is "Balance Nutrition intake".
So what is "Balance Nutrition"? Here I
will take definitions from expert. If I
just give my own opinion, you may not
believe me because I am not an expert
about this nutrition stuffs. I will only
mention suggestions from two expert in this
field. The first one is Dr.Ragner Berg and
he said that our everyday food intake should
consists of 80% Alkali and 20% Acidic.
So what is alkali food? There are only 5 type
of alkali foods in the world which are vegetables,
fruits, egg's white yolk, fresh milk and algae.
Other than these 5 all are in acidic foods
category. But let me take example for our
vegetables nowadays, normally when we want to eat
the vegetables, we will cook it. When we cook it,
we will put a lot of additives in it to make it
delicious. This way of cooking will bring the
vegetables also in the acidic category.
So what is the best way to eat vegetables?
Eat it raw or fresh like salad or you can boil
it in water a while to cook it. One more
thing we must put into consideration is the
vegetable's and fruit's plantation method.
Nowadays the usual way to make sure the
good production of vegetables and fruits are by
using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
So these kinds of vegetables and fruits are
not good for our cells.
So we must aim for the organic plantation output
of vegetables and fruits.

The second nutritionist expert is Dr.Adele Davis.
She is the first female world nutritionist in the
world. She stated that we need at least 40 types
of nutritions everyday to maintain our healthy body.
So why do we need at least 40 types of nutrients? It
is because of our 90 organs in our body. They all
demand different kind of nutrition. For example, our
brain needs B12, our eyes need Beta Carotene, our bone
needs Calcium with the help of Vitamin D to help the
absorption of Calcium and so on. So from there we can
see why our body need at least 40 nutrients. In fact
40 nutrients are still not enough to provide nutrients
to all our body but that is the minimum. :)

If we think carefully, it is very hard and almost
impossible to fulfill the suggestions of the two experts
that I mentioned before if we just depending on the
natural resources. The reason is because the natural
resources is not natural anymore because of our technology.
So later I will give you proven way to follow the
suggestions. It has helped me and also my family to
recover from our health problems. So I believe it can help
you and your family too.

That is only the first step. Later I will discuss about
the second step which also very crucial. Keep following
this blog to get health come to your life. ^_^


Friday, July 18, 2008

These 6 BAD factors! Made us become what we are TODAY!

As we see these 6 factors, they are all around us.
We cannot run away from them. How can you run
away from air? ^_^. How can you be free from
stress when there are many things that keep you
worry, for examples our work, family,girlfriend,
boyfriend etc..

How can you when you want to exercise but you
have a lot of works at your workplace? And when you
want to exercise after returning from work but you
are too tired to make it happen. Then you go to
clean yourself, eat and rest in front of TV and fall
asleep. Even in your dream, also you are imagining
all the problems, all the works, all the conflicts
of your day to day life. That makes you cannot sleep
well and that will lead to lack of sleep or rest.

I do not need to talk much about the foods that we
consumed everyday. Due to our busy life style and
luxury life, we tend to forget what is the importance
of balancing the food that we take. We simply eat any
kind of foods as long as it satisfy our desire. And
when we do not have enough money, we tend to eat
anything as long as it is cheap and satisfy our hunger.
Some time (or many times ^_^) we eat instant or fast
food which is not really good for our body.

Honestly I write all these through my own experiences
and my observations of the people around me. This
scenarios happen anywhere nowadays, and there are no
exceptions. Thanks to our technologies that brought
these side effects to us. Because of this, we need to
have smart plan about how to survive this new type of
life in which long time ago, nobody need to worry about it.

Because of this life style I manage to get my own
migraine and allergy at the age of 18! Luckily I found
this MRT concept which save me from the two diseases.
This is the concept that I want to share to you all
which I am one of the living prove about the effectiveness
of this concept.

After this, I will explain about the understanding of
the 3 steps to fulfill the needs of our cells which will
recover our body's ability to heal itself.

Timben ^^

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food Food Food!!

What do you like to eat?
I bet you will say something that
is "delicious". Well the delicious
foods are usually not healthy.
The reason is simple, to make
the foods to be delicious and
beautiful, we need to add many
things inside it. For example,
we add preservatives, additives
flavor and many more. All this things
is not good for our health. It will
affect our health bit by bit without
us knowing it.

Thats why our health nowadays is in
danger. We easily get sick. Headache,
Flu, Fever and many more.. Even when
we sleep, we cannot sleep well.. People
long time ago seldom have those sickness
but nowadays it seem like part of our
life.. Can you see how in danger we are?

And we say "oh yeah!?", yet we still
eat fast food, instant mee, junk food

The truth is, we cannot avoid all these
foods. We already need it in our life
without we realize it. It become part of
our life..


The only thing is, we must fight this
factor. I know the way.. Would you like to
know? This steps help me to recover from
Migraine and Allergy..

We go into that after this!! Oh yes!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

REST yourself.. Sleep.. ^_^

Every living things in this world need to
rest. It was time for our body to restore
its energy after the day's activiies.

That is also the time when our body wants
to repair itself and the tisues will rebuilt
mostly at that time. Growth hormone will be
produced during our sleeping, so thats why
children really need to have enough sleep.
This hormone will help them to grow faster.
For those who already stop growing, we still
need rest to help rebuilding our tisues.

In terms of our brain, when we sleep actually
our brain is having reorganize processes.
It will arrange back our day experiences and
make our thinking clearer the next day. ^_^.
So we will not likely be in unstable mood
if we have enough sleep. Unstable mood means
easily angry, not happy and many more.

So what happen when we do not have enough sleep?

We tend to be moody. We cannot think clearly.
Our body will not be in the best condition.

So we must give ourselves enough sleep to
be in best condition everyday.. ^_^

The sixth factor for us to be in sickness
will be coming after this.. ^_^


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why exercise is GOOD?

There are reasons why exercise is good.
When we exercise, our body will have enough
oxygen which is very crucial for our
nutrients transportation. And also our blood
circulation is good.

With the enough supply of oxygen in our body,
the cancer cells will be inactive. That's
why cancer cells and oxygen are enemies. Haha..

What is the symptom of people with lack of
oxygen? Sleepy even after enough sleep..
Always yawning.. ^_^.. So if you have the
symptom, you must do someting to increase
your oxygen intake. ^_^

So now we know why exercise is important.
It is not just because we can make our body
slim and fit. So for those who did not
exercise always, please change the lifestyle
from now.. This could save our life and bring
us away from the chronic diseases that I
mentioned before...

But please take note that the location of our
exercise places also determine our health condition.
The result of our exercise will different if we
exercise at industrial area and at village area..
Of course it is better if we exercise at village
are because of the flora.. ^_^

After this I will talk about rest or sleep.. ^_^


Friday, July 11, 2008

Die Because of Stress!?

Stress can kill you!!
Do you believe it can?
Yes it does but it will happen slowly..

When you in state of stress, your
enzymes production will not be done
properly. As we know, enzymes were
needed to help the reaction that is
always happening in our body.

For example the conversion of food into
energy will need reactions to be happening.
Enzymes will help to make these reaction
to be complete. If the enzymes production
are disturbed due to stress, then the reactions
in our body also will be disturbed. This will
lead us to unhealthiness..

So now we know why stress can kill.. Not just
by knowing that stress can kill, we must also
know why it can threaten our life.

Next will be about EXERCISE! Fuh Fuh! :)


Thursday, July 10, 2008

DANGER!! Water polution!

70% of our body consist of water.
So what we drink will determine our health.
As we know, nowadays our water is not
as clean as it was long time ago.

Nowadays our water was polluted by contaminants
such as microorganisme, toxic waste, rubbish,
animal's waste products, pesticide and many more.

So we must make sure the water that we use everyday
is filtered properly. Do you know what is the most
proven water filteration that exist nowadays?

Take your time to think... ^_^

Ok. Times up...

It is R.O technology. R.O stands for Reverse Osmosis.
It's a tehcnology that can filter water and make it
99.99% pure.. I know a R.O filteration product that is
very good. It can filter the water until 0.0001 micron
size. I will tell later when I finish this MRT sharing.

Remember.. We must UNDERSTAND the concept before using
any product.. ^_^

Next post will be about STRESS!! Arghhhh!! :)


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The BAD factors!

Now we going to discuss about the bad factors in a little
bit more details.. ^_^

Number one is Air polution.. We all know about this..
And also we know that we cannot run from air.. Can you? ^_^

We all need oxigen to breath. If the air are poluted,
we will breath in toxic into our lungs. And this is not
good. This will cause our cells to be in bad shape and
gets worst from time to time. This is one factor that will
lead us to chronic disease if we try to live happily with
the toxic.

We all know that polution come from our technology that we
are proud of. From the industrial area, motorized vehicle,
open burning and cigarette.

We cannot stop people from using vehicle.
We cannot stop the factories.
We cannot stop the smokers.
We can help our body to strengthen itself. ^_^

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What make us sick?

Before this I said about Chronic disease right?
All the diseases were the one that caused by our habit
and our environment. It's not because of virus or other

Today we will see what make us sick?
Do you ever wonder why people long time ago less get ill?
Why now we easily get sick?
Why people long time ago can live longer?
What are the source of this problem?

Sometimes we asked questions without knowing that the
answers is all around us.. We just do not open our
eyes to see the answers.

So the question now is what make us sick?

There are 6 factors:

1. Air polution
2. Water polution
3. Stress
4. Lack of exercise
5. Lack of rest
6. Unbalanced diet

I am sure we all know about this problem. The problem
to this problem is that we did not even bother about it.
We try to live happily with these BAD factors.
We can try to do that but these factors is not as good
as us. They are the reason why we become what we be today.
Because of these 6 factors, everyday poison/toxic enter
our body bit by bit. If we do not do something about it,
the toxic will kill us. Trust me!

We will go to see the factors that contribute to our
unhealtiness. After that then I will go to how we can
save ourselves from the grasp of these bad factors.
As we know, we cannot runaway from the factors but
there are ways to fight it.

In the next post, I will explain in details about each of
the 6 factors so we can see the price we have to pay for
the modernization of our world.

See ya, ^_^


Monday, July 7, 2008

What happen when we get sick?

Before this I said that we are all SICK!
Why did I say that?
Because we all have this symptoms:

1. Easy to feel tired when doing work.
2. Having problem about going to toilet everyday.
3. Headache
4. Joint pain
5. etc

This shows that our body is giving us signs that
we are SICK. But what did we do? We just ignore it.
We take it lightly just by taking medicine.

As we know, medicine was used to control the sickness.
It cannot cure it. The only way to cure our body is by
depending on our body ability. We are born with a body
that can heal itself. Our duty is to make sure our body
can maintain the ability.

If we do not take action to help our body to gain its
ability to heal, we will go into a new level which is
known as Chronic. First of all, we must know what does
chronic mean. Chronic in this matter means diseases
caused by our habit and our environment. It is not
because of virus or other organisme.

Below are few of the examples of chronic modern disease:

1. High Blood Pressure
2. Diabetes
3. Migraine
4. Gout
5. Gastric
6. Asthma
7. Cancer

Normally when we reach these above condition then we will
start to worry and go to hospital to get treatment.
Remember that taking medicine is only to control the disease
and not to cure it.

Preventive is still better than cure..
So take the early step to save our body..

to be continue.. ^_^


Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ok now let us learn about our body.
As we know, our body are made of
organs. Do you know how many organs
in our body? The answer is about 90 organs.
And 5 of the organs are detoxification organs.
These 5 organs are:

1. Skin
2. Lung
3. Liver
4. Stomach
5. Kidney

These 5 organs are needed for cleaning our 
body from toxic.

These organs are made of tisues and this tisues
are made of cells.

So in MRT we are focusing on cells. How many cells
are in our body? Average is 60 trillion.

60 trillion = 60 000 000 000 000

Logically if we know how to make these 60 trillion cells
healthy, we will be healthy. But first we must know the
condition these cells can be. There are only 2 condition,
whether it is sick or it is healthy.

Sorry to say that we all are SICK.

I will continue later about why I said we all now are SICK..

See ya... ^_^


What the concept?

Ok.. now we continue about this MRT concept..

It was introduced by Dr.Linus Pauling to the world.
He is a 2 times NOBEL WINNER.

This means he is a great and unique person.
Ok, to let you know about the history of this
Molecular Reform Therapy. It was endorsed
by the America's Congress in 1975.

There are 5000 pages report written about it.

So now we know that this concept should be
spread for everybody so that they can attain

We can summarize this concept that tells us about
why we get sick and how to fight the factors.

In the next post, we will see our body..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Understand the concept...

Hi there,

Do you want to be healthy?
The answer is absolutely "YES!".

Well, everyone wants to be healthy.

There is a concept that is very logic and
easy to understand. I want to share this
concept to everybody in this world.

It was called MRT. In full name it is
Molecular Reform Therapy. This concept
tell us why we get sick and how to overcome

I will put it in this blog asap. But what I want
make it clear here is that without understanding
of a health concept or without proper knowledge
about one, we will hardly get a healthy life.

So the word for today is: UNDERSTAND!

Ok then, see you in the next post.. ^_^



Hi there..

In this blog I will focus on our health..
I will put all the info about health in this blog.
I will save your time when it comes into finding
info about health. You wants health, just follow
the tips inside.. ^_^

When I talk about health, I mean health in terms
of physical, mental and spritual.. All in one..
I will accept any comments and suggestion about
my blog for further improvement.. Thanks.. ^_^