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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The start of the 3 steps!

Okay, now I will share about how can we
fight the 6 factors that I mentioned
before this. Please give your full
attention about this because it will
give you a way that can help you and
your family to prevent and even to
recover from chronic diseases such as
High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Gout,
Asthma, Migraine, Gastric, Cancer and
even more.. All these sickness is not
because of viruses but our life styles
and environment.

Now I will share about the first
step which is "Balance Nutrition intake".
So what is "Balance Nutrition"? Here I
will take definitions from expert. If I
just give my own opinion, you may not
believe me because I am not an expert
about this nutrition stuffs. I will only
mention suggestions from two expert in this
field. The first one is Dr.Ragner Berg and
he said that our everyday food intake should
consists of 80% Alkali and 20% Acidic.
So what is alkali food? There are only 5 type
of alkali foods in the world which are vegetables,
fruits, egg's white yolk, fresh milk and algae.
Other than these 5 all are in acidic foods
category. But let me take example for our
vegetables nowadays, normally when we want to eat
the vegetables, we will cook it. When we cook it,
we will put a lot of additives in it to make it
delicious. This way of cooking will bring the
vegetables also in the acidic category.
So what is the best way to eat vegetables?
Eat it raw or fresh like salad or you can boil
it in water a while to cook it. One more
thing we must put into consideration is the
vegetable's and fruit's plantation method.
Nowadays the usual way to make sure the
good production of vegetables and fruits are by
using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
So these kinds of vegetables and fruits are
not good for our cells.
So we must aim for the organic plantation output
of vegetables and fruits.

The second nutritionist expert is Dr.Adele Davis.
She is the first female world nutritionist in the
world. She stated that we need at least 40 types
of nutritions everyday to maintain our healthy body.
So why do we need at least 40 types of nutrients? It
is because of our 90 organs in our body. They all
demand different kind of nutrition. For example, our
brain needs B12, our eyes need Beta Carotene, our bone
needs Calcium with the help of Vitamin D to help the
absorption of Calcium and so on. So from there we can
see why our body need at least 40 nutrients. In fact
40 nutrients are still not enough to provide nutrients
to all our body but that is the minimum. :)

If we think carefully, it is very hard and almost
impossible to fulfill the suggestions of the two experts
that I mentioned before if we just depending on the
natural resources. The reason is because the natural
resources is not natural anymore because of our technology.
So later I will give you proven way to follow the
suggestions. It has helped me and also my family to
recover from our health problems. So I believe it can help
you and your family too.

That is only the first step. Later I will discuss about
the second step which also very crucial. Keep following
this blog to get health come to your life. ^_^


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