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Monday, September 21, 2009

You know.. but.. Did you act accordingly?

Most of the people nowadays are smart people. They are the "I.T." people. Knowledge is on the tip of their fingers. They know that health is important. Learn about vitamins and minerals. Have informations about many type of diseases. Memorize the symptoms. Know that they should do this, avoid that, eat this more or less.
What I can conclude is that they are a "Genius". Mr "know everything".

But do you think that just by knowing "things" you can be healthy? People today active inside their minds but lack of "action". Have you heard the letters NATO?
For me it's "No Action, Talk Only". That is what my friend told me. In different perspective of life, I am thinking that it is the truth about people behind it.

When you know that you should take more vitamin-C because it is the key of having smooth skin (important especially for females) but do you know which are the best ways of obtaining it? I don't think so. That's why at last rich and famous people take short cut of going to do surgery and "botox" themselves. It's because they don't have the right informations. They only have the "money" (which in that case, no use at all).

At our time now, taking oranges is not the best way anymore. There are many ways the oranges you took could cause you more dangers compare when you not consuming it. We need supplement. From trusted source. PH7 vitamin-C is the most suitable supplement for our consumption. If you can find it yourself, then go for it. If I am in the position of helping you to grab it, just let me know. I won't let you down.



Monday, September 7, 2009

Where did our blood resembles?
Why do sea creatures have longer life span?
Why do the grand-children of whale have the same smooth skin as the
grand-father whale?

It's all lies in the foundings of Rene Quiton of Franch.

Which now, ELKEN is promoting this life saving products "KINGTON"
based on this founding.

You can watch lots more from youtube about this.
Lucky this product found me through ELKEN.

Thanks God. ^_^