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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food Food Food!!

What do you like to eat?
I bet you will say something that
is "delicious". Well the delicious
foods are usually not healthy.
The reason is simple, to make
the foods to be delicious and
beautiful, we need to add many
things inside it. For example,
we add preservatives, additives
flavor and many more. All this things
is not good for our health. It will
affect our health bit by bit without
us knowing it.

Thats why our health nowadays is in
danger. We easily get sick. Headache,
Flu, Fever and many more.. Even when
we sleep, we cannot sleep well.. People
long time ago seldom have those sickness
but nowadays it seem like part of our
life.. Can you see how in danger we are?

And we say "oh yeah!?", yet we still
eat fast food, instant mee, junk food

The truth is, we cannot avoid all these
foods. We already need it in our life
without we realize it. It become part of
our life..


The only thing is, we must fight this
factor. I know the way.. Would you like to
know? This steps help me to recover from
Migraine and Allergy..

We go into that after this!! Oh yes!

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