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Monday, July 7, 2008

What happen when we get sick?

Before this I said that we are all SICK!
Why did I say that?
Because we all have this symptoms:

1. Easy to feel tired when doing work.
2. Having problem about going to toilet everyday.
3. Headache
4. Joint pain
5. etc

This shows that our body is giving us signs that
we are SICK. But what did we do? We just ignore it.
We take it lightly just by taking medicine.

As we know, medicine was used to control the sickness.
It cannot cure it. The only way to cure our body is by
depending on our body ability. We are born with a body
that can heal itself. Our duty is to make sure our body
can maintain the ability.

If we do not take action to help our body to gain its
ability to heal, we will go into a new level which is
known as Chronic. First of all, we must know what does
chronic mean. Chronic in this matter means diseases
caused by our habit and our environment. It is not
because of virus or other organisme.

Below are few of the examples of chronic modern disease:

1. High Blood Pressure
2. Diabetes
3. Migraine
4. Gout
5. Gastric
6. Asthma
7. Cancer

Normally when we reach these above condition then we will
start to worry and go to hospital to get treatment.
Remember that taking medicine is only to control the disease
and not to cure it.

Preventive is still better than cure..
So take the early step to save our body..

to be continue.. ^_^


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