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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

REST yourself.. Sleep.. ^_^

Every living things in this world need to
rest. It was time for our body to restore
its energy after the day's activiies.

That is also the time when our body wants
to repair itself and the tisues will rebuilt
mostly at that time. Growth hormone will be
produced during our sleeping, so thats why
children really need to have enough sleep.
This hormone will help them to grow faster.
For those who already stop growing, we still
need rest to help rebuilding our tisues.

In terms of our brain, when we sleep actually
our brain is having reorganize processes.
It will arrange back our day experiences and
make our thinking clearer the next day. ^_^.
So we will not likely be in unstable mood
if we have enough sleep. Unstable mood means
easily angry, not happy and many more.

So what happen when we do not have enough sleep?

We tend to be moody. We cannot think clearly.
Our body will not be in the best condition.

So we must give ourselves enough sleep to
be in best condition everyday.. ^_^

The sixth factor for us to be in sickness
will be coming after this.. ^_^


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