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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The BAD factors!

Now we going to discuss about the bad factors in a little
bit more details.. ^_^

Number one is Air polution.. We all know about this..
And also we know that we cannot run from air.. Can you? ^_^

We all need oxigen to breath. If the air are poluted,
we will breath in toxic into our lungs. And this is not
good. This will cause our cells to be in bad shape and
gets worst from time to time. This is one factor that will
lead us to chronic disease if we try to live happily with
the toxic.

We all know that polution come from our technology that we
are proud of. From the industrial area, motorized vehicle,
open burning and cigarette.

We cannot stop people from using vehicle.
We cannot stop the factories.
We cannot stop the smokers.
We can help our body to strengthen itself. ^_^

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