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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Which one to start?

I did mentioned before that we have 3 basic steps
in healing our body through the MRT methods.

Let me refresh back the 3 steps:

1. Balance Nutrition
2. Sufficient Oxygen intake
3. Detoxification

So let me try to ask you right now which step
you want to start firstly?
(Pick in your mind) ^_^

Ok, let us not wasting any time.

I will tell which one we need to focus first.
We will start from step no.3.

So why do we start with this?
It's because we need to cleanse our body before
taking any nutrition. What is the point taking
all the supplement if our intestine is dirty and
cannot absorb all the nutritions?
That is what we call as WASTING!

So we need to do the step no.3 firstly.

Now we come into "What do I need to do?"

Here I will share to you what did I do before
this until I recover from my migraine and my
allergic. Actually my family also did the same
before recover from gastric and fits.
And a lot of my sister's friend recover from
high blood pressure, Diabetes etc..

So what did we do for step no.3?

We drink lactose.
So what is lactose?
Lactose is a proven product to help detox stubborn
waste from our intestine. It will also help to
recover the Bifidus balance in our intestine.
Each pack contains 1 Billion Bifidus.

Do you know that Bifidus is very important to help
digestion processes in our body? Lack of Bifidus can
lead us to Gastric and Colon Cancer. Because of the
6 factors that I mentioned in my posts before, gradually
our Bifidus quantity is decreasing and this will tell us
that each and everyone of us have the potential to get
Colon Cancer. That is why I repeat back here that Colon
Cancer is among the world's top killer in these modern days.
So do you want to be part of the statistic by doing nothing?

So how do we use this product?

We need to mix it with a glass of plain warm water..
Then we drink it..
We cannot eat any solid food 4 hours before drinking and
4 hours after drinking the lactose.

After trying other product, I realize that this product is
the best for me.. I am the walking prove that right now is
typing for this blog. So I am talking not just because of
the facts and figures. It is from my own true experience..

After taking lactose, we also need to train ourselves to
drink quality clean water. What did I do was to drink R.O
(Reverse Osmosis) water which is very clean. There are
rumors that R.O water is too clean so we should not drink it.
Here I just want to ask you one question. Is it because of the
water is too clean then we prefer to consume dirty water?
Just think about that.. ^_^.
(We will talk about nutrition later)

So that is a little about detoxitfication which is ample to cover
the basic need of our body..

In the next post then I will go to the next ACTION to be taken.. ^_^


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