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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Now you can proceed... ^^

Well well..

After the first thing to do has already done,
then can I share to you what is the next step
me, my family and our neighbourhood are following
to achieve great health.

Before this I talked about the 3rd step right?
It's about detoxification. This step is very
crucial! Most people take supplement but they
do not do any detoxification action. Even worst,
maybe they do not even know it. Then they complain
why after taking the supplement they still have bad
health condition. So now I tell you, need to do
detoxification firstly. To make you do ACTION
quickly, I will remind to you about the Colon
Cancer that is among the top killers in the
modern world nowadays. You are bringing yourself
into the bad statistics if you do not detox
yourself RIGHT NOW. I don't mean to scare you
but it is the truth my friend.

So that's about detoxification. See how important
it is until I need to remind to you in this post.
Ok now, let's get back to our recent discussion. ^^

Just now I mentioned about the "next step" right?
So in this post, it's all about it. Which step is it
actually? We have another 2 steps right? Which is step
number 1 and step number 2 (For those who haven't read
about the MRT concept, please READ FROM THE START as
it is the core of your understanding).

Ok I tell you next is about "Balance Nutrition". So
which step is that? Yes, it's step number 1. =)

So in this step WHAT DID I DO?
I took 3 basic IMPORTANT supplement known as
ELKEN Spirulina, Ester-C and EPA.
The combination of these 3 supplement will give
you the perfect basic needs for your body. I
really truly believe in it because this is what
I did before. Clinically, the fact is really amazing!
It gives us the nutritions that our body need.
So what will happen if our body gets all that it needed?
Of course we will achieve healthy condition.

Here I will explain briefly to you why do we really NEED this
supplement nowadays. Do you remember what I mentioned
before about balance nutritions in my previous post?
It's from Dr.Ragner Berg and Dr.Adele Davis. They
say that our body need 80% Alkaline foods and 20% Acidic
foods. And also, we need AT LEAST 40 nutritions each day.
Now I want to ask you.. How can you make sure that you can
follow exactly like that were suggested by our expert just
by living normally in this busy and modern world?

Dr.Adele Davis said that we need at least 40 nutrients intake
everyday to maintain healthy body. Spirulina provide us with
46 nutrients which is make it king of vegetable.

So why do we still need Ester-C? It's because vitamin C is
needed in our body in a very big dosage. It is very important
as our "look younger" food. It also very important for us to
help heal faster any injury on our body and also to strenghten
our antibody so we can prevent from infection from any
microorganisme. Usually the vitamin C that we buy and consume
from outside is acidic in nature. Please take note that this
acidic will lead us to health complication in the future. So that
is why I am taking Elken Ester-C because it is neutral in nature
and 4 TIMES easy to absorb and store in our body.
Please be aware that it is really hard for us to get vitamin C
in natural way nowadays. Normally we will eat vegetables and
fruits to get Vitamin C.. But nowadays it is hard to get it.
Because Vitamin C is hard to get and easily to lose.
It's hard to get because when we cook the vegetables, the vitamin
C will gone. If the fruit been kept too long, the Vitamin C inside
it will gone also. In addition to that, the Vitamin C that we manage
to get inside our body can easily gone when we are angry, shock,
smoking etc.. So now we know why people age 40 years looks like
50 years old. ^_^

As for the third one, which is EPA, we will discuss about our
blood vessels. As time goes by, when we eat a lot of "delicious"
stuffs, we also will get something in return. We call that as
cholesterol. This cholesterol name LDL will make our blood vessel
become narrower and lead to high blood pressure. If you do
not do anything to fight it, it can lead to stroke. We are all
in the list so please pay attention to this matter. Even
my friend age 17 years already got high blood pressure.
So this EPA will provide HDL (good cholesterol) to melt the
LDL in our blood vessel inner wall. If we manage to provide
enough HDL, we can get back our normal blood pressure.
So this is very important to be make a habit since teenage
as you take EPA to be life saving supplement.

I didn't have to say about the awards won by this product.
(I will show later) ^_^
After consuming this supplement, I also got the award
of Healthiness and that is the most important.

In the next post I will proceed about how we will do action
in order to follow step 2. ^_^



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