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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The First Step to Vibrant Health

Detoxification refers to the process of eliminating toxins from the body. Poor digestion, colon dysfunction, reduced liver function and poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract, and skin all add to increased toxicity.

If you attempt to cleanse other organs such as the liver or kidney without first addressing a waste-filled bowel, the toxins will only get recycled back into your body. Therefore, colon cleansing is the first step to overall good health and well-being.

1st Step to Detoxification: Colon Cleansing

Bowel movements are the basis of your health. One of the most common bowel problems today is constipation. A constipated system is one in which the transition time of toxic waste is slowed down. The longer the "transit time", the longer the toxic waste matter sits in and eventually be re-absorbed, causing SELF-POISONING. The longer your body is exposed to the decomposed food in your intestines, the greater the risk of developing illnesses.

So start to take care of your intestine NOW if you want a healthy body from the inside and also from the outside. Well, it all started from the inside. So, make a MOVE guys. Prevention is better than cure. =)



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