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Friday, September 12, 2008

The last but not least BASIC Step..

Now there is only one step left that
I still haven't covered. It is the second
step. It's about Sufficient Oxygen intake.

Naturally we will exercise as a method to
get sufficient oxygen. But nowadays our
lifestyles is changing due to extra
commitment. We need to think and do many
stuffs such as work, family, social etc.
All these will lead to, "No time for
exercise" or maybe we still exercise but
"once in a blue moon". This happen to MOST
of us. I am not denying that I am also in
the list. This is the reality. Even I also
cannot escape from that. But now I am trying
to make it as a habit to exercise at least
once in 2 days. I am playing soccer, yeah!

Ok, let's get back to track.. :).
Here I want to share to you the alternative
way to fullfil the need of our body in term
of oxygen intake. This is what I use until now
and also I am spreading the good news to all my
friends here.

It's not something to eat. But it's something
that we can use to massage ourselves. It is
very easy to use that you can do your own
massage after reading the book or watching
people do it.

It is known as GUASA Therapy..
This therapy use small massage board that is
made from buffaloe horn which can help
our blood circulation to flow nicely.
As we all know one of the reason we exercise
is to increase the blood circulation which can
help us to sweat and at the same time detox
the toxin out of our body. So now, GUASA can
also do the same to your blood circulation.
It will improve the blood circulation.

During guasa, you will see your skin will become
red. The red color are your dead cells that
remain there due to the condition of your body
that is not in good shape to reject the dead
cells out of your body. This dead cells will
become toxin to our body if it still remain in
our body. So guasa can help you to reduce the
amount of it in each session.

This Guasa had already helped me recover from
migraine. Because everytime before the migraine
attack me, I will got the symptoms such as
flashy view making me cannot read. So whenever
got this symptoms, I will immediately do the
guasa therapy on myself. That will stop the
migraine from attacking me.

Even just by bringing it with me also can help
to improve blood circulation as long as it is
near to our body. So I always hang it on my

Together with this guasa is the guasa oil which
is made specially for guasa.

Other than guasa, there are product that we can
consume. It is called Win Aro Max. It is in
liquid form where we can drop it inside our
drinking water. Do this as your habit then you
will feel the differences. :D

I guess that's all for now.
I will update you with informations, tips
and testimonies from time to time.
Together let us strive for better health.
If you found that this blog can help you,
please feel free to help me to promote this
blog. Thanks. :)



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