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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A stomach Full of Action!

Our gastrointestinal tract is 6 times the height
of our body. While the mouth, stomach and small
intestines help to break down, digest and absorb
nutrients from our food, the large intestines
(colon) reabsorb the water when in need, leaving
undigested residue including excess proteins and
fats, as well as roughage and micro-organisme,
to form semi-solid faeces to be excreted.

As Colon is pivotal in the excretion of body
wastes, its well-being is in direct connection
to one's general health. Helping the Colon in
its functions are the friendly micro-organisms.

The insides of the Colon can be likened to a
battlefield, where more than 400 types of
bacteria, totalling an estimated 100 trillion
bacteria weighing at 1kg (according to the
research of Swedish scholar B. E. Gustafsson),
are constantly waging war against each other.

So this is the source of many kinds of sickness
if we do not take good care of it.
Nowadays our food become more and more
"Delicious!" but become low in health quality.
So we must make sure we be extra careful on what
we put inside our mouth.



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