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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ultimate Natural Multivitamin - Spirulina

Vitamin and Minerals is crucial for our body's systems. However, most of the foods that we consumed will only provide us with just a small amount because of the usage of over-processed and adding preservatives. That's why people nowadays choosed multivitamin supplement.

Other than multivitamin supplement, do you know that there exist food that produced by the nature that contains more vitamins than the sintetic multivitamin? It is known as Ultimate Food as it has high concentrated of different kinds of basic nutrients and also extra nutrients and antioxidant. One of the Ultimate food is Spirulina.

Spirulina contains rich content balance nutrients, perfect for human body. It is easy to digest and to be assimilate as many researches prove that Spirulina is very effective in terms of providing health to the consumer. It includes, to strenghten the body immune system to fight many types of illnesses and chronic diseases. It is approved as one of the powerful natural food, contains high energy, low calories but high in protein content, vitamin and pigment.

Recently, a clinical research lead by Dr Yasumasa Kodo in cooperation with National University of Okayama showed that Elken Spirulina also have the ability to slow the fat gathering in the liver therefore will prevent from Liver Disease.

It is planted in the first world clean pond, Elken Spirulina is the source of pure nutrients, organic and rich. Endorse by JHFA as beneficial to health and won many kinds of awards including Health Organization and Consumer Organization. Elken Spirulina is the number one choice of perfect natural multivitamin for all level of ages.



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