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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lifestyle Hazards

Unhealthy diet, antibiotics, steroids
(eg. Hormonal drugs like contraceptive pills)

That is nowadays people's lifestyle. Can we 100%
avoid it? I don't think so. So what can we do?
Fight it! How? By doing the right methods.
Let's get back to the natural strength of our
body. Do you know that today people are
becoming weaker and weaker. Easily get sick
compared to before technology was advance.

How to access the condition of your Intestine?

A healthy diet will promote healthy bowel
movements. It is important to pay attention to
what comes out of your body, just as much as
what goes in. How do you know if your intestines
are healthy? Ideally healthy stool should be
yellowish, soft and fluffy, non-greasy and free
of foul odours.


The theory is that the smell of your stool depends
on the kind of food you eat. It takes 8 hours for
the food you eat to reach your colon. If the food
composition is inappropriate coupled with the
incomplete digestion, a lot of wastes will then
be produced. If these wastes stay in our large
intestine for longer than 10 hours, they will
start to rot thus contributing to the foul odour.
If the smell of your stool is unbearable, chances
are your body odour and your breath will be too.


Healthy stool should be soft and fluffy and should
leave your body in a matter of seconds.If you have
difficulty in eliminating stool and it comes out
like bullets, you have constipation. Though
constipation has become a norm today, it is
probably unhealthy if you do not have a bowel
movement at least twice a day.


The colour of your stool gives away tell-tale signs
about your health. An unusual colour of your stool
should serve as a warning for you to seek
professional medical advice.

Normal stool. The yellowish colour is picked up
from the yellow pigment of the bile, which is
secreted by the liver to emulsify fat.

Greyish white:
If accompanied by a shiny layer of fat on top of
the water, it may be symptoms of a liver problem.

Might indicate the presence of iron or gastrointestinal
problems in the stomach.

Bright red:
You may have a torn mucus membrane in you colon,
bleeding haemorrhoids or COLON CANCER!!

So right now, you can start to survey on you own
stool. No need to care for other people's stools
as it is their problem to settle. The only way you
can help them is by providing this information.

Hope this information can help you and your love one
to prevent health disasters from happening.



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