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Friday, October 31, 2008

Everyday practices

Today I will share to you tips about what you can do daily in order to achieve better health. You can do this free without spending any money (you can even save money by not smoking ^_^).

1. Move your body

You don't have to go exercise to move your body. You can do it while you are going from one place to another. People nowadays become lazier as technologies are getting better. With the creation of lifts, people don't want to use stairs anymore. Even going up 1 or 2 floors also they will use lifts. I recommend that you use stairs if you just going 1 or 2 floors up.

Walking is good for your health, so practice yourself to walk to your destination if it is considerable near and you have time. Please don't avoid walking just because you are lazy. Your laziness will brought trouble for you in the future.

2. Watch out what goes into your mouth

Today's foods are absolutely delicious. It's due to the existence of many kinds of persevatives and additives. I know you know that these stuffs is not good but still you continue to consume a lot of the "delicious" foods. I am not saying that you cannot eat any of them. You need to enjoy life right? I know because I am thinking the same way too. We must taste all the delicious food. All I could say is for you to control your eating habits. You cannot avoid 100% the foods but you can add more healthy foods in your diet and reducing the unhealthy foods intake. It's better for you to control the level of "enjoyment" today so you can still enjoy 30 years from now instead of "suffering" from many kind of illnesses due to your past eating mistakes.

3. Don't smoke or QUIT smoke!

Smoking gives ZERO BENEFITS. I am 100% sure about it. Still I wonder why people loves to smoke? Does the act of putting smokey stick in one's mouth is considered as noble and macho? Sorry to say but I DON'T THINK SO! (Sorry for those people who are smoking that reads this blog right now but YOU DESERVE THE CRITICSM). Some people says, "Why do you need to care about me? I don't caused any trouble to people. I bought these 'macho sticks' (cigarette) with my own money." OMG man!? Didn't you learn facts about "passive smokers"? People who didn't smoke can get the negative effects of smoking just by living near to the smokers. We (passive smokers) are too kind to scold you for your BAD HABITS but please think about others even if don't care about yourself.

If you are not a smoker, I would like to CONGRATULATE you. You are in the right path of life. Please don't get confused and got influent by smokers in your area. Even if they say that it is good or whatever trick they try to use on you, DON'T INITIATE SMOKING HABIT. Stick to your healthy lifestyles and try helping your family and friends who smoke to stop doing the bad stuff.

I don't have to talk about the negative effects of smoking because I bet you already know about it. Stay away from smoking habit and you are 1 step closer to a healthy life. ^_^



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