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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are you in the "LIST"?

  There is still posibility that you become the next victim of Osteoporosis. Usually the victim will not know they have the disease until they experienced broken bone. By then, it's already too late. So it's important to check your bone's density regularly to make sure about the condition of your bone. This checking can be done by using the "Bone Density Test" at selected clinics or pharmacies.

  The tester will check your result by reffering to the WHO T-score definitions. From this comparison, your bone conditions can be classified whether it is Normal, Osteopenia (Reduction in Bone Density) or Osteoporosis.

Prevention still the BEST OPTION

  Until today, there is still no "cure" for the so known as Osteoporosis. We know that this disease can attack anyone (provided he/she have bones ^_^). So the only way to avoid from getting this disease is by doing preventive actions. Below I will list down some of the basic things to do which can be summarize to be our "everyday habit".

Stop your bad eating habit 

Train yourself to eat in a more healthy ways. By reducing alcohol and coffee intake can also reduce the rate of bone thinning.

Exercise regularly

At least two or three times a week to exercise are crucial to make sure your bones and joints are active.

Stop Smoking!

Experts believe that by taking 1 pack cigarette per day during adulthood can reduce your bone's density between 5% to 10%.

Need to take Supplement

In nowadays world, supplement intake said to be the most confirmed method to make sure our body needs of calciums are fulfilled. This is due to our foods in this modernized world have less nutrients compared to our bodily need. Important aspect that the manufacturers look are in term of profit. How can they increase profit? It's by making the foods tastier (using additives), looks interesting (color) and last longer (preservatives). All these aspects will not provide our body what it needs. It's only gonna make our health become worst from time to time.

We must be really careful about our health because everyone only have 1 body. It's our duty since we are born to take care of "it".



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