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Friday, October 24, 2008

Health for you from Banana

We all know what banana is.  However, we are still taking it for granted as "just another fruit".  Do you know that banana actually helps in our health seeking journey? I had done some research about this fruit and amazed by how much benefits it provides.  I will share some for your reading today. ^_^

Banana can help you to reduce stress level.  Potassium is the reason for this.  It can help to normalize your heartbeats, make sure oxygen reaches to your brain and helps maintaining the water level in your body.

You know that smoking is bad for your health. You want to stop smoking but it is hard for you because the effect of nicotine.  Vitamin C, A1, B6, B12, potassium and magnesium contained inside banana will help you in your fight against cigarette. (If you want it, banana will help you of course but if you don't, none can help you)

Banana have the effect of neutralizing the over-acidic intestine of people with ulcers problem.  

For those who suffering from Anaemia, banana can help your body to produce hemoglobin.  If you don't have the problem and your friends got, tell them about this and go to the shops to get some and add into their daily diet. one little informations may save many lifes if there are people that is sincerely sharing the informations.

We know that High Blood Pressure problem become everyone's to worry about.  Thanks to this fruit known as Banana because it helps in reducing the posibility of acquiring this disease.  We should act on every little methods that can assure our health in good condition.

It is not wrong for me to nominate banana as one of the "genius' food".  The potassium inside it can help the consumer to be more alert thus making them becoming "super sponge" to absorb the incoming knowledge and information. If you are in the process of learning something, go and buy a basket of banana and make it a habit to eat banana while you are studying or reading. 

For those who are thinking of dieting, banana is a "must" option to take.  Eating banana is included inside my "diet tips" list.  Make it a habit to eat banana as soon as you wake up every morning.  Japan people already knew about this importance of banana to their weight loss programme. That makes banana price to increased in Japan.  Make sure to stock your own banana before the price hike. ^^.  

There are a lot more benefits that we can get by eating banana daily.  It will take pages and pages of post to exlain them.. :)
So I guess I will stop here..
I hope this can help you in your journey of finding health.
I can show to you the money, but it is you who will decide whether to do it or not.

All the best to you,



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