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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Important roles of Calcium

One of the mineral that is needed by our body is calcium. It has the functions that cannot be replaced by another minerals which are:

** Crucial for healthy bone and teeth building.
** Maintain the healthy and strong conditions of teeth and bone.
** Build solid bone composition that will help in reducing and protects the bone from
     degradation effects.
** Helps muscles growth.
** Helps in impulses delivering by our nerves.
** Helps in blood clotting processes.
** Stimulate Hormones to be released.
** Activate our enzymes.
** Helps to maintain our cells' functions.

Why there are lesser Calcium intake nowadays?

There are many factors that contribute to lesser calcium intake and most of them are caused by our daily life styles.

[Bad Eating Habits]

Always follow our desire without thinking the effects of eating certain foods usually lead us to unhealthiness. There are many factors from how we handle our daily diets that affect the calcium absorption by our body. These factors will produce undissolved salt in our stomach. For example, phytic acid contains in caffeine from cofee, soft drinks and tea can give negative effects to the body's ability to absorb calcium.

[Unbalance diet]

** Excessive intake of salt can boost the rate of the calcium lost through our kidneys.
** Phosphorus is a mineral contains inside protein and carbonate drinks. Excessive
     intake of these 2 things can increase the phosphorus level in our body. This will
     lead it to be rejected from our body through our kidneys. Phosphorus and calcium
     were two minerals that is high related to each other. As the phosphorus is rejected
     from our body, the calcium will be rejected too. So this will lead to the lack of
     calcium inside our body.   



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