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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brittle Life Frame

Our skeletal which combines our bones and joints are causing the straightness of our body and maintained our body parts at its right position. This important structure help us to stand, sit, walk, run, jump and every other movements. Without this structure, we are just a bunch of meat.

When you fell and sprain your ankle for example, you will feel the great pain and it makes you cannot walk properly. Just imagine the conditions of bones and joints inside our body when they are not properly connected or even worst, the bone is broken. That part of our body will lose the ability to move for the rest of our life.

Even if you did not fell,  there are still posibilities that our bone will gradually degrades. This natural phenomena which we cannot avoid it. It starts since we are young and become worst as we are ageing.  The source for this problem was related to Calcium.

For the first two decades of life, bone building happen with higher rate compared to the bone's degradations. Soon after that, things will happen the other way. Ionized Calcium requirements will dramatically increase as it is needed to cover the bone building and the bone's degradations. The problem is that our bone cannot generate its own calcium. So it will "borrow" calcium from its own stock. After this happen again and again, the stock will decrease. The decreases quantity of calcium in our bone will lead to higher rate of bone degradation compared to bone building. 

As for that, bone degradation is "EVERYBODY's PROBLEM" regardless of gender, age or life styles.   No one can smile and say, "Who cares. Not my problem." It's happening inside you even as you are reading this post right at this time! So something must be done about this. Jump into this "BUS of Knowledge" as we will find out how to fight this problem. =)



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