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Thursday, November 6, 2008

You cannot run away from Stress

Yes it is true that you cannot escape yourself from stress. It happens to me and to every body else in this universe. As long as a person is alive, stress will be in their daily lifestyles. So we can say that stress is normal. You will experience stress whether directly or not and whether you know it or not.

It is the level of stress and acceptance that makes it different from one person to another. It may be that one person can handle a lot of stresses due to work or family problem because of their experience in that field of life. However, what about person that experiencing “over stressed” for the first time? Surely they will feel shocked and this can lead to many negative effects if no proper ways to handle it been done.

In order to “reduce” level of stress, we need to know about it. See that I am using the word “reduce” because we surely cannot 100% eliminate stress. We can only help reducing stress level to a more acceptable level. This can be done through more than one method.

There is nobody that never experience stress in their life. The one manage to go through this stressful periods is the one who will achieve success because it is actually one of the ingredients of great achievement. They have the proper ways to cope with the stresses.

So right now please take some time to tell yourself and really tell yourself that stress is good. We just need to know how to control and cope with it. By achieving this, you will surely reach your goal safely and happily.

In the next post I will share some about the reactions of stress which will make you say, “No wonder I feel that way. Now I know.” =)


techniqueal t. said...

i totally agree. one cannot really run away from stress. one way to cope up with it is to destress. looking forward to your next post. ^_^

Bizmind said...

If you still manage to feel stress then you still a human. :)
If you can manage your stress then you are a better human. =)

aries33 said...

stress is all around us to manage is better than to avoid it.