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Monday, March 9, 2009

You Cannot Download Panadol from the internet!!

I found this page at yahoo answer where this woman (or man) is asking where she (or he) can download panadol. People start to answer in many ways and it is very funny to read them.

Actually it is reality that you cannot download medicine from this digital world. The only way to get healthy with the help of internet is by searching for informations regarding health.

In this blog, I would like to put as many informations as I can to help people all around the world to achieve health. Unfortunately, the concept is only ONE and I cannot say anything else. It is known as MRT concept. Bear in mind that our body is the best DOCTOR and our job is only to give what it wants.

The most essential elements that our Body > System > Organs > Tissue > Cell need are:

1. Nutrients
2. Clean Oxygen
3. Clean Water

Is that hard to get?
Of course NO! but it is only DURING THE OLD 20th CENTURIES..

Come on man, we are in the 21st centuries where "clean air" almost impossible to get. When it comes to food, all that we can think of is "must be delicious". People nowadays tend to take their daily diet for granted. Some people says that "we eat just to fill our stomach". As long as they do not feel hungry then it is find.

These are only few of the problems that we are facing. Even people so called "Medical Doctor" are also trapped inside this way of living. I don't mean to intimidate readers here but I am just bringing us all to the state of realizing things around us. The answers to "Why nowadays even young people suffering from diseases that only for old people long time ago?" is lying in front of our eyes but we cannot see them because of all the "modern world" distractions and temptations.

If you are reading this, I would like to say thank you as I know that HEALTH IS IMPORTANT to you as for me also.



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