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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lack of Nutrients

Nowadays people are scared of the fact that cancer is just sitting at the next door from where they are. We actually do not know when will it come to us. Some do blame that the usage of mobile phone and anything related to radiation to dangerous wave. But the main problem is actually comes from our diet. Our body did not get the nutrients that it should get. This lead our body to have more and more damaged cells which actually turned into cancer cells.

Do you know that our body actually have cancer cells but in minimum ammount when compared to the other cells. So in this case we do not get any harm from those cancer cells. But what happen when we do not provide adequate nutrients to our body?
Cancer cells will increase and after reaching certain level, we will be diagnosed as having cancer. The name of the cancer will depends on which part of our body are infected. If it attacks our colon, then it will be named "Colon Cancer" etc..
Just for our information, "Colon cancer is predicted to be number killer in these modern days among the developed country. It's all because of our diet.

So, do you still blaming your handphone if you get cancer? Read this post and re-think about it.

"The Institute of Medicine recommended for the first time in 1997 and 1998 that people take supplements"



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