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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More and more H1N1..

This virus is really annoying.
Now it already reached my neighbourhood.
One by one school is closed due to infected
students and teachers.

What can we do?

Do we need to stay at home praying this
virus won't find us?

Are you sure you can run from them?

I don't think so...

Do you ever think of why is that not all
the people from the infected area get this
H1N1 problem?

How can they live normally while the others
are staying in their house frightened and some
stay at the hospital crying for their lives
to be save?

It is all going back to their defense system
also known as immune system. If the body immune
system is strong, do you think that these H1N1
virus can easily attack them?
The answer is absolutely NO!

That is why this viruses attack only those with

Do you think that it is a miracle that the people
who are not infected got their STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM?
The answer is also NO!

Everybody is given the same body immune system. The
different is on how each of us take care of it.
Do you feed them with proper food?
Did you ever try to at least avoid taking something
that can harm our immune system?

If the answer is NO, then you should be afraid of the

If the answer is YES, then live life normally.

As for me, eventhough my neighbourhood is in the
statistic, I still live normally thanks to my
MRT products. My Spirulina, My Ester-C, My EPA.

What about you?
Living in fear or not?

Give your body what it needs then it will protect you
from any disease.



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