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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Healthy Mind

Do you ever heard about sick people that healed because of healthy mind?
I bet you did (at least from this post.. :))

Well, it actually relates to our hormones in our body.
Do you know that when our mind is in peace, our hormones are working well?
In that case, we can see that peace of mind helps in order to maintain

That is why we hear that stress can kill. Whenever you are in stress,
our hormones are in bad condition which will lead to uncomfortable feeling
and continue on providing us with sickness (things that we would like to

So what can we do to help our mind in peace?
First of all, please give some time for you to relax from your stressful
work place. I mean give some time for you to do what you enjoy most. Something
that can make you forget all your troubles.
For me, playing games could make me forget my problem at least for a while.
Some people prefer sports. And it may be that you prefer sitting in front of TV
while eating your favourite foods. Whatever it is, we will come to the same
destination which is to ease our mind. To release our mind from working over

Next thing that we must ensure is to give our body what it needs. Provide ourselves with proper diet which is crucial without our knowing. Maybe it is because lack of exposure to this kind of information. Regarding this matter, MRT concept is a best way to provide all our cells need in order to work properly.

To know and to do are both important to get desired result.
Now you already know. What about your action?



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