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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Migrain?!! .... Almost.. Fuhh...

Today I went back from activities at night. While driving
home, I feel the symptom of having migrain (I know because
I experienced it before long time ago though). I knew it is
because of my busy day. I also knew that when this happen,
I will have a painful headache as soon as I lay on my bed.

The cause is because my brain does not have adequate supply
of oxygen. My view got this blinking things all around and
causing me hard to see the road and read texts from books
or mobile phone.

From now I am typing this post is about 3 hours before. Now
I feel great and healthy. No need to experience the headache.

So what did I do?

I supply my brain with nutrients and oxygens.
I do not have any machine or magic to do that. I just got it
through my mouth in natural way without drugs (paracetamol).

I took Elken ARO oxygen (mix with RO water) and 10 tablets of
Spirulina. Wallaa!! I'm back to normal!

Glad to have them.. ^^

Do you have the same problem? What did you do? Most people will
depends on drugs.. Don't get yourself in THAT statistics.

Join me.. and your life will be healthier and free from drugs.



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