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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What normally happen to you if stress occur?

This "things" happen to you and me when we feel stressed. We know that unmanaged stress is not good but we still unclear why it is not good. Come come let us see what negative effects can we get if we do not manage our stress well.


During stressful state, our heart rate is increasing more than normal. This will lead to our increasing breathing rate. At this time our muscle will become tense and do you know why your hand become cold? It's because of the blood will moves to your muscle as a preparation for fight. This will lead to less blood at your brain and this is why stress people will become uncreative and hard to think. Blood pressure will increase because of the increasing heart pump rate and this makes us easily gets angry. Sometime we mad becuse of simple little thing.


In terms of your stuffs inside your mind, you may feel:

  • Catastrophizing
    This makes us think that things are worse than it is. You will have the fear of moving forward and try "suppose to be good" stuffs.

  • Self-denigration
    Sometimes when people become too low profile, they actually having this self-denigration. This can be quite a trouble for them to move forward and improve themselves.

  • Problems in decision making
    It will be hard for you to decide the best decision for you when you are in stress condition. It quite be troublesome and need to be overcome as fast as possible.


The effects of stress to people's behaviour are hyper attitude where they tend to move faster than normal people. They conduct frequent gestures that can be obviously seen by people. They also becoming impatient especially if others do work slower than them.



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